Come Build Our Home.



"Debts of gold we can repay,
but debts of kindness
will be carried all our lives."

– a Malay Poem



Lend your voice to overcome
future challenges today.

























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Singapore Our Home SG75

is an exciting annual competition that encourages every generation to build a legacy for the next.

Renewing the vision of our founding fathers led by the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, the competition captures the
pioneering spirit and aspirations for tomorrow through words, pictures and multi-media. 


This year's theme, Inclusive Singapore, invites submissions in
essays, pictures and motion media to express the social cohesion of our community,
and the building of an inclusive, sustainable, and highly liveable society.


Erosion of social cohesion is the fastest-growing threat to our planet since the COVID crisis.1

We must do our part to preserve it.


Rising divides, inequalities, opposing viewpoints on issues such as vaccines and facemasks, and threats to global cooperation, contribute to create disillusionment, fear and mistrust.


Singapore will not be spared.


Will Singapore Our Home, a City in a Garden, with its commitment
to live as a diverse society be ready for a post-pandemic future?


Our sustainable future is one that we build today.

How will your reflections shape the physical living spaces,
social norms and culture of future Singaporeans?


1 12 Jan 2022. Why global leaders are terrified about ‘social cohesion erosion’. World Economic Forum.



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2021 Webinar Engagement


More than 644 Primary and Secondary school aged
participants in 2021.



Webinar Engagement


87% of respondents would strongly recommend
the event to their peers without reservation.



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