Closing Date of Competition: 05 August 2024 (Monday), 17:00HRS (UTC+8)

Please note closing date has been extended.




Ahoy, captain!
Sail into the
Future of Singapore
with SG75 2024!



Bracing the tumultuous waves
that mirror a challenging future,
join us as we learn to weather
the storms with an
indomitable spirit.



Learn more about this year's theme.






Unfamiliar with SG75?

This annual competition shines a spotlight on the hopes and aspirations of
Singaporeans seeking to build a lasting legacy for future generations. 

It invites everyone to share their ideas for a better Singapore,
to help steer the direction in which we build our nation.

Every year, this competition renews the vision and pioneering spirit of our founding fathers,
led by the late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew – keeping it alive and thriving among
a new generation of thinkers, doers and wavemakers.








This year's theme, 

Sailing into our Future - 2024 Singapore Edition. 

Ahoy, future leaders of Singapore!
Get ready for a thrilling adventure with our contest.
Picture this: twenty years later, powerful nations, corporations,
and emotionally charged cultures are vying for attention
and a chance to change the world.


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Important Dates

Closing Date of Competition 05 August 2024 (Monday), 17:00HRS (UTC+8)
Please note closing date has been extended.
Notification of Results 20 September 2024
Awards Ceremony 3 November 2023








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